There is no Cure, but That’s OK

2019/2020, video igra/interaktivni strip (demo verzija), print stripa 210 × 297 mm, RebootInfogamer (Zagreb, 12.-17. studenog 2019.);predavanje i prezentacija u sklopu ZFF-a (Zagreb, Institut Français 14. studenog 2019.)

The series of works titled ‘Cities’ deals with the social, political, cultural narratives and aspects  of the cities I have been living and visiting for the past year. By getting acquainted with the inhabitants, culture, customs, political situations, as well as getting familiar with the streets, advertising campaigns and mass media production of those cities, I was trying to understand and reflect on the problems of each of the cities. The combination of different narratives – personal narratives with the narratives of the cities’ inhabitants – helps me to gain a broader perspective regarding the issues I have been dealing with. The combination of the fragments from various historical, cultural, and consumerist institutions and buildings with social situations creates a ‘surreal’ panoramic image of the city. The work is both ironic and critical towards the consumerist aspects of the society, and it criticizes the anxiety and the feelings of hopelessness and the lack of perspective that is produced by the political situation.


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