When it comes to the concept of my artwork, throughout my artistic carrier I always try to produce a type of work which encourages people to think for themselves and question their beliefs – about themselves, about our position in the broad spectrum of social interactions, about our position as cultural and political subjects.
The works that I create are oriented towards breaking the viewers’ illusion about reality as a linear/ homogeneous/ mutual phenomenon and offering them an experience of perceiving reality  as something heterogeneous/ fragmented and ultimately non-existent (as a form of simulation in which anything is perceived as equally  real).
I firmly stand at my belief that art should always, at least in some sense, be socially engaged, and that it hold responsibility of pointing out all of or cultural and civilizational achievements, as well as our continuous series of mistakes in equal amount.
In terms of formal analyses, I try to create multimedia work that are more or less my interpretation and superposition/ expansion of the painting as a medium – paintings that exist in space/or reshape space, that enter both the physical and mental space of the viewer (which makes the viewer an active participant) by putting them in/through various spatial and light situations.
The motives that the works depict (usually elements of urban environments which are visually conflicted and symbolize various social, political and inner dichotomies) question the layers of reality in a metaphysical and symbolical aspect, and can be referenced with the technical process of creating a painter’s composition. By combining documentary realism of photography and video, I create a so called archive of (mental) images, which I later on deconstruct and turn into a collage together with fragments of memories about the same location/situation to, ultimately, synthesize it into a single mental landscape.

Curriculum vitae

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1988. In 2011, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 2012, I received my Master of Fine Arts in Painting Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, under mentorship of prof. Zoltan Novak. In 2012, I became a member of Croatian Association of Artists, and in 2015, a member of Croatian Association of Free Lance Artists.

Solo exhibitions:

2019 Basement Halls of Diocletian’s Palace, The Lighthouse (Split, September 5th – October 10th, 2019) 
​2016   Gallery Pikto, Paris Forever (Zagreb, Croatia, February, 26th – March 12th, 2016)
2015   Gallery Nasta Rojc, Shift and Fragments (Bjelovar, Croatia, September 3rd – 20th, 2015)
2014   Gallery  Karas, Shift (Zagreb, Croatia, April 15th – 24th, 2014)
2013   Gallery svetog Krševana, Retino/Adjustment  (Šibenik,September 3rd – 17th, 2013)
           Gallery Kristofor Stanković, Shift (Zagreb, May 28th – June 7th, 2013)
2012   Gallery CEKAO, Cities (Pučko otvoreno  učilište, Zagreb, Croatia, December 10th – 27th, 2012)
Group exhibitions :

2019 Group exhibition, Westpol Airspace, (Leipzig, Germany, September 2019)
            Group exhibition, 5th bienalle of painting, gallery Karas, (De) construction of the Image  (Zagreb, Croatia, October 2019)
2017    Nikola Tesla: Mind From the Future (Zagreb, Meštrovićev paviljon, November 20th, 2017 – April 2nd, 2018) 
2017    Gallery Ars et Mundus, AIR Exhibition (Kaunas, March, 29th – April,17th, 2017)
2014    Zagreb Open Art Festival (ZOAF)  (Zagreb, September 12th – 14th, 2014)
2013    HDLU, 2. Bienalle of Painting 2013 (Zagreb, October 30th –  September 24, 2013)
2012    Ostrale 2012, IAM  (Dresden, July13th – September 16th, 2012)
            Erste fragmenti 8 (MSU Rijeka , Mali salon,  February 1st – 8th , 2012)
            Erste fragmenti 8 (MSU Zagreb, No galerija,  January 26th – 28th, 2012)
2011     Transform (Sofia, The National Gallery for  Foreign Art, April,6th – May,8th, 2011)
2010    Artist in Residence 2010 (Vienna, Austria,BMUKK, September 21st – October 1st, 2010)
2009   Kulturijada (SKUC, Zagreb, Croatia, March 13th , 2009)
2008   Inernational Festival of Ecoculture  EKOSUSAK 2008 (July 27th , 2008)
Workshops :
2019    Workshop Before & After; coauthor of workshop (MUO, Zagreb, Croatia, October 19th 2019) 2019 Design and Development of Videogames (Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia, May 13th – 31st 2019)
2011     Interactive design workshop – Hybrid Cities (Academy of Fine Arts in Split, April 14th– 19th, 2011)
2010    With Winds Through Silence (Nerezine, Lošinj, April 16th – 18th , 2010)
2008   Photography workshop The Islanders of Susak (Susak, July 19th – 27th, 2008)

Other projects: 2019 Stage designer, The Ugly, d. Tamara Damjanović, (text by Marius von Mayenburg),
           (Theatre ITD, Zagreb, September 2019)
Artist residencies :
​2019    AIR (De)Construction of the Image (Leipzig, Germany, January 21st – February 28th,2019)
2017    CreArt Artist in Residence in Kaunas ( Kaunas, Lithuania, February 28th – March 31st, 2017)
2014    Cite Internationale des Arts (Paris,France, November 3rd – December 29th, 2014)
2010    Artist in Residence (Vienna, Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur; July- September, 2010)
​2012    Award of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for an Outstanding Achievement 
            during the Studies and for the Final Diploma Work

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