The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

interactive installation(video projections, assemblage, Arduino micro controllers), 250x250x350 cm, 2019

Interactive sculpture which the author appropriately exhibits in the south east tower of Diocletian’s palace is a lighthouse made out of smaller and larger pieces of trash. Interactive objects which are powered by microcontrollers that react to sound and motion “follow“ the observers, react to their movements and „attack“ them when the observers least expect them to. This sculpture contains a lot of elements that are relicts of vacation such as deck chairs, plastic chairs, buoys, old rubber boat – everything that people used during the summertime and left wherever they found appropriate. Instead of lighthouse’s rotating lights, Alma’s sculpture contains video projections that flicker in the same frequency. The projections contain stereotypical images from a vacation with leftover trash in their main focus. The lighthouse is placed in the middle of the exhibition space so that it can offer an interactive experience to the viewers and serve as a constant reminder of our responsibility towards ecological problems and consequences which we have to face.

Trash represents a legitimate building material in art, and its meaning is meant to be taken literally in this work. The trash which the author exhibits in this case is really what it is – just a heap of trash that violates a historical and cultural space.

(from the catalogue) Mirna Rul

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