Light variations

Light variations 

interactive installation (Arduino micro-controllers, PIR sensors, lights, mirror), 2017

The piece called Light Variations started out as a contemplation on our perception, modification and manipulation of reality. As much as terms ‘simulation’ and ‘reality’ question the nature of ‘virtual’ and ‘real’, in this case they pose a philosophical question and are a reference to Baudrillard’s theories on the differences between simulation and reality; Lacan’s oppositions and definitions of reality and real (real as an obstacle in perceiving the reality); on theories about parallel/simulated realities by authors such as S.Hawking, B Greene, Y. Nomura, etc.; and Tesla’s alleged experiments connected to time travel (Project ‘Rainbow’), ‘invisibility’ and his claims that the ruptures in reality can be expanded with the help of electromagnetic waves and by controlling energy (sources).

This work represents Tesla’s aspirations, ideas and visions of a future in which technology is accessible to everyone (and where clean free energy is accessible to everyone as well). Term ‘light’, symbolically speaking, is frequently associated with knowledge, realization, growth, beginning of a new era, etc.; and is often contrasted with darkness.

This binarity between light and dark in the room is used for a dynamic and interactive depiction of the term ‘reality’ and perception of the reality itself.
The lights and sensors are controlled by Arduino micro controllers – a cheap and accessible form of technology.

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